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Friendship between two women

Our story begins with a great friendship between two women. Allatia and Jane were brought together by a great sense of adventure and the joy of shopping. Allatia Jane was born!

Allatia Jane is a new, fun and innovative E-commerce boutique. Our goal is to bring our customers an interactive way to shop by providing new products that are multi-functional, great for gift giving or you just want to own. Each month we will highlight an artist or product because we simply love it and we want to pass it on to you.

Here’s where we need your help…we would love for you to share your favorite things with us! If we use it as a featured product we will send you a $50 gift certificate to use towards your next Allatia Jane’s purchase.

Another fun way to interact with us is by hosting an E-commerce boutique show. It’s simple…we provide you with an invitation email that you send to all your friends, they shop, and you receive 20% off regular priced merchandise.

Allatia Jane is also interested in helping your community. We will offer fundraising opportunities for school clubs or teams. Contact us for details on how to earn money through hosting an E-commerce Boutique Show.

We encourage you to “find your expression” by sharing and learning about new products and artists. Our website is not theme based, but it is a wild and fun way for Allatia and Jane to share their finds with you through our ever changing ideas.

We hope you open your hearts to new beginnings….and in the end are able to “find your expression”.