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Welcome to Allatia Jane an E-commerce Boutique!!!

Allatia Jane is so excited about opening our e-commerce boutique! We are proud to offer your favorite club, your school, your team, or your favorite charity a fun and new way to fundraise...we are all tired of buying magazines, cookie dough, and other things we just don't need! We are offering you a opportunity to set up a one, two, or three day selling event at www.allatiajane.com.

If you are not part of a school club or charity and just want to earn a discount by hosting an event with your friends...you can do that too!!! We encourage you to try this super easy and innovative way to celebrate what you are passionate about!

It is so simple and this is how you get started...

First, email us at jane@allatiajane.com with your e-commerce party idea. Keep in mind, we need approximately 30 days notice to make sure we have plenty of your favorite merchandise available, and to allow you plenty of time to advertise and market your e-commerce party.

Then Allatia Jane will provide you with an e-invitation that you can send by email or print and distribute to your guest list. We will also provide you with a follow up e-invitation that you can send out as a reminder a few days prior to your event. Remember, the more people you invite, the more you advertise...the more successful your show will be for yourself, your school, your club or your charity.

The e-invite that we send to you will have pictures of our products and detailed information as to when you will be holding your event. If you would prefer to make your own invitation using your school logo or charity logo, Allatia Jane can email you pictures of merchandise to use for your invite. Allatia Jane will provide you with a specific promotional code for your guests to enter into the "Coupon Code" box when checking out. This ensures that you will receive credit for their visit.

Finally, Allatia Jane will keep track of your total sales and your charity or club will receive a check for 20%, of the gross sales minus any applicable tax, from your ecommerce show. They will receive a check by mail within 30 days from your event made out to your club or charity. If you are hosting a fun event with your friends, you will receive a gift card for 20% off your total order at allatiajane.com during your event! It is just that simple!

Join us as we embark on a new way of shopping through a great new adventure at Allatia Jane! We look forward in helping you, our new friend to "Find Your Expression"...while doing something good for others!